Coronavirus (Covid-19)

East Lancashire RAYNET plans underway.

The Lancashire Local Resilience Forum (LRF) is the group that co-ordinates anyone likely to respond to large scale emergencies. This includes police, fire, ambulance, water, electricity, local councils, county council, NHS, the voluntary sector and many more. There are a number of specific sub-groups within the LRF, amongst which are the 'Resilient Telecommunications' and 'Humanitarian Assistance' groups, both of which RAYNET are members.

We have been working with the LRF for over a week planning what RAYNET can offer and how that might look should things worsen. Given the instruction issued by the Prime Minister last night (23 March), these plans will be gaining in prominence and detail.

A specific page is to be created on our site, to allow both LRF partners and the community at large to see what we can do and what we are doing. When updates are available they will be publicised on our Twitter feed and Facebook page @EastLancsRAYNET

For now, stay at home, stay safe and if you are an amateur radio enthusiast monitor GB3RF.

Mar 24, 2020